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Known as the "Leaders in Visual Project Management", canvs+ is the world's first and foremost design focused SaaS company.

canvs+ was founded by Arjun Rai while at the New York Institute of Technology in the Spring of 2013.

Our flagship Visual Project Management application helps businesses manage their workforce, tasks, projects, and files in the most creative way ever. Think Minority Report and Prezi combined (or as we sometimes like to say, "Project Management App for Cavemen"). Haha.

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team :)

Arjun Rai :) | founder + ceo

Rai has been an entrepreneur for as long as he can remember. Today, he aims to bring the most beautifully designed and functional apps to the business world. Yep, stay tuned. On the side, he loves to attend as many meetups and conferences as he possibly can. In fact, he is known to attend over 4-5 a week!

In his spare time, Rai can be spotted at various parks around New York City or at live music concerts and shows. He also absolutely loves to host his own events to support young entrepreneurs and students via his own organization called, On the side, just ask him about his "Arjun Jokes"… :)

He prefers twitter to email so feel free to send him a tweet at: @arjunraime. He also blogs sometimes at his own personal website,

investors + advisors :)

Brian S. Cohen | Chairman of "New York Angels", Investor in Pinterest, Investor in and Author of "What Every Angel Investor Wants You To Know"

Jeff Pulver | Co-Founder at Vonage, Investor in Twitter, Co-Founder and Chairman at Zula, Inc ( and Investor in

Kelly Hoey | Co-Founder at Women Innovate Mobile Accelerator (WIM) and Advisor at

Ian Wolfman | Former CMO and Partner at MEplusYOU (previously imc2), Investor in, and Board Member at ad:tech and Hootsuite

Fred Townes | Former Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Mashable, Founder and CEO at W3 Edge and Advisor at

Chris Yeh | Managing Director at Wasabi Ventures, CMO at PBworks and Investor in

Tom Kuegler | Managing Director at Wasabi Ventures and Investor in

Paul Sethi | CEO at Advertising Redbooks, Partner at Rugged VC LLC and Investor in

David Lerner | Director of Entrepreneurship at Columbia University, Host at Venture Studio, Partner at Rugged VC LLC and Investor in

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